Sunday, February 28, 2010

Logic Assignment: Aristotle

BCC Logic Class NAME:____________________________
Instructor: Eric Gerlach


1) Recreate the Square of Opposition below. For each corner, label each with X and Y (such as All X is Y), and then below that give an example (such as “All cars have wheels”). Make sure to draw the three arrows between corners that contradict, and put ‘can’t both be true’ and ‘can’t both be false’ on the two appropriate sides.

2) Describe the difference between inclusive and exclusive uses of OR.

3) Give examples (complete sentences) of a Barbara (All, All, All), Celarent (All, None, None), Darii (Some, All, Some) and Ferio (Some, None, Some Not) Syllogism.
Use new examples, not the examples from class or Aristotle.