Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ethics Syllabus & Schedule Spring 2010

HUMAN 30A – ETHICS Spring 2010
Instructor: Eric Gerlach
Fri 9-11:50 AM
Office Hours: Mon 11-12 @ K’s Coffee
Class Code 22131
Room: BCC 53
Email: ericgerlach@gmail.com
Blog: ericgerlach.blogspot.com

Ethics: Syllabus and Schedule

Course Description
This course introduces students to central concepts and issues of Ethics and systems of human values. We will first study concepts such as principle, virtue, balance, utility, drive, and perspective. We will then study issues such as theft, lies, violence, environment, class, gender and race from an individual and social perspective.

Required Texts:
-The text for the class is the Course Reader, available at Lazer Image,
61 Shattuck Square, Berkeley, (510) 644-3339
-A copy of the reader will be put on reserve in the Berkeley City College Library.

Required Assignments:
- Three In-class Reading Responses (best 3 out of 4) 30%
- Midterm Exam 30%
- Final Exam 30%
- Class participation 10%

Class Schedule

Readings (in bold) are to be completed by the class date for discussion

Jan 22 Introduction to the Class
Jan 29 Principles and Morals: Kant’s Metaphysics of Morals
Feb 5 Virtue: Aristotle’s Ethics (in-class writing response)
Feb 19 Balance: Egyptian Wisdom & Confucius’ Analects
Feb 26 Use & Consequence: Mill’s Utilitarianism
Mar 5 Drive & Desire: Nietzsche’s Beyond Good & Evil (in-class writing response)
Mar 12 Perspective & Plurality: Heraclitus’ Fragments & Chuang Tzu
Mar 19 Review for Midterm
Mar 26 Midterm Exam
Apr 2 Theft: Zinn’s People’s History of Am. Empire & Andreas’ Addicted to War
Apr 9 Lies: Herman & Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent
Apr 16 Violence: Lt. Col. Grossman’s On Killing
Apr 23 Life & World: Carson’s Silent Spring & essays from BCEP (in-class response)
Apr 30 Class & Power: Karp’s Indispensable Enemies & essays from RC&G
May 7 Gender & Sex: De Beauvoir’s The Second Sex (in-class writing response)
May 14 Race & Culture: Hannaford’s Race & more essays from RC&G
May 21 Review for Final Exam
May 28 Final Exam